Teh Berbisik (Whispering Tea)

Teh Berbisik

By Fahreza Cahya Pahlevi

Desakan angin menyampaikan pesan,

Hujan akan segera datang.

Secangkir teh menemani,

Kala fajar sedang bersiap menyinari pagi.

Ada yang berbisik,

Mengusik hati yang sudah lama tak berisik.

Suaranya begitu menarik,

Hingga melahirkan secangkir teh berbisik.

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Fahreza Cahya Pahlevi define himself as an inquirer, he always seeks for an answer to anything that he curious about, he would never followed the map of common people, he always has different perspectives, and be willing to sharing it. He is kind of person who is eagerly knowing about almost any subjects and topics, especially in the area of social humanities, such as Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, History, and Communication, also area of languages, particularly in Japanese, French, and Russian.


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