The second eye is crucial

The Second Eye

By Seth Norman

Pursuing my last point

didn’t expect that was happened

hope it would be okay

but its tears came over to say differently.

At least won the match when it’s lead

so could feel proud a little bit

but surely still can’t sleep

those hate speech keep haunting until someone can prove it.

Asking the second eye

to give a different side

then immediately post it

thank you god, now they got it,

what I actually did.

Seth Norman is the first fiction character that created by Fahreza C P. He is an American poet and novelist that was born in New Jersey, USA.

“The Second Eye” is the first work of mine. This poem is came from my own experience, when I saw a young athlete get accused by some citizen because of its attitude on court, I will not saying who she/he is, and what the details story looks like, but I just want to tell everyone, “One side of camera can easily deceive you, it can be really dangerous if you just believe it right away, therefore you need a second eye, or if it still can’t answer your desire, ask for the third, fourth, and so on, then it will give you the real fact of how things happen on the field,” he said.

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