Just Feel What You Can Feel

Just Feel What You Can Feel

By Patricia Rosemary

They say, “A man shouldn’t cry”

I say, “Why not?”

They say, “A man must be strong”

I say, “It’s true, but crying won’t make you look weak”

In the end, we’re still human, aren’t we?

Sadness doesn’t care what your gender is

They just want to help you to feel what you can feel

That’s it.

Instead, those who lie to their emotions,
They are the weakest one.

Patricia Rosemary is the second fiction character that created by Fahreza C P. She is an English writer and activist, that is Currently working as a Journalist at BBC.

“Just Feel What You Can Feel” is the first Soliloquy work of mine. The idea of this work came from the real issue that I also have experienced in my family. I couldn’t hold my tears, when seeing him (My brother) should hold that sadness feeling, as in my family applied the toxic masculinity concept since we’re a little. They say, “If you cry, you’re not a man.” If people say “A man must be strong, of course I still can accept it, because they’re gonna be a head of household, but when they’re not allowed them (men) to cry, I can’t. However it’s normal to feel those emotions, no matter what our gender is. We sometimes just need to let our own self to feel what we can feel,” she said.

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