A Year That is Full of Struggles – Zach

A Year That is Full of Struggles – Zach


Zach is one of toughest friend I’ve ever known. He is the one who really understand what he really wanted to, and will give an explosive effort to reach his goals.

A Glimpse of Profile

Zach is an 18 year old teenager who is lived in Bandung, Indonesia. Currently he is studying in Arabic Literature at one of the most favorite university for high school student in Indonesia.

Fahreza: Hello Zach, Good Evening!

Zach: Hello Reza! How are you doing?

Fahreza: I’m really great for sure, and I can’t wait to ask all of these questions to you, hahaha. Btw, how is it going, about your college life? is there any interesting thing that you want to share with me?

Zach: Oh, about my college life? It was just going as usual, nothing really special, but I’m going to face to the final exam of my first semester here in college.

Fahreza: What! Time really does fly! I never expected that you’re going to finish your first semester soon. Well, I hope you can give your best performance on that. Good Luck Zach!

Zach: Ah! Thanks Reza!

Fahreza: Well now, I’m going to start my first question on this Qna of this evening’s session.

Zach: Alright! Go ahead!

Zach’s Answer

1) What is the situation that makes you feel uncomfortable?

I’m here in college, do not comfortable with the way of my peers who feel had a power to manage my life in a way that I don’t like. I know that they came from an older generation than me, but studying at college, age is not something we should really care about, aren’t we?. All I want is a group of people who could ask me to do a thing without being bossy. Other than that, I also do not feel comfortable with how the school orientation is applied on my college especially. Those seniors told me that, “How could you survive on college? If the simple thing like this (The orientation day task), you’re not capable of doing it.” That word and sentence was really made me hurt. I could not stop thinking, that word came out from a senior who should’ve done learned the ethics of communication in public, in which they should’ve realized that their words could kill someone’s heart and mental. I mean Who the Hell You Think You Are? Predicting me as “a freshman here”, will not be strong to follow the entire college activities. I don’t even know yet, how it feels like in my own experience.

2) Could you describe the most unforgettable moment when you’re in the senior high school?

Hmm, I’m not really remember that thing, but yeah of course doing a very heavy assignment, was really memorable, as my senior high school also considered as a school with the most heavy task by other schools surround of my area where I live. Oh, I remember that my school also considered as a scary school. I’ve experienced in a trance.

Fahreza: Wait, what? Does it really happen?

Zach: Yes! It does.

Fahreza: God, I didn’t know that.

Zach: Yeah, maybe it was just because I’m tired, hahaha.

Fahreza: Well…

3) How you would define this 2021?

I would define as a year that is full of struggles, it could be my struggle to get here (Public University), and also the year of transition from an offline class, to an online or virtual class. It took an enough time for adapting to that new system of teaching. Yeah, that’s it.

4) How do you view yourself in 2022?

Oh, it just as simple as focus with myself, focus on my college life, doing it in a sincere way. That’s it.

5) What is your definition of happiness?

My definition of happiness is when we are grateful.

6) What is one thing that people don’t know about you?

Oh, I can’t answer this question, so I’ll skip.

Fahreza: Oh okay, it’s fine! Next question

7) Who is the most influential person to you, and explain how it started?

Parents for sure.

(Then he forgot to explain how it started 😉 , hmm… okay it’s fine )

8) What is something that always makes you feel stronger everyday?


9) If you could turn back time, what you would like to say to yourself?

I can’t say anything.

10) In 5 years, how do you want to be known as? And what do you want to say to yourself?

I just want to be known as a good man, and I’d like to say, “Hope you’re success.” Yeah, that’s the only thing that I want to say.

Fahreza: Well thank you very much Zach, for giving your free time to having a conversation with me, though only through telephone, but this is a great way to end this tough and beautiful year. Thank you! Thank you!

Zach: Oh Reza, It’s been a pleasure to having a conversation with you! I’m also want to thanks to you, hope you will have a great day to end this year as well.

Fahreza: See you in another opportunity Zach, Bye!

Zach: For sure Reza, Bye!

The Qna session between the interviewer, Fahreza, and his friend as the informant, Zach, is done.

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