“2021 is an useless year” – Hana & Felix

“2021 is an useless year”  – Hana & Felix

A Glimpse of Profile

Hana and Felix are high school graduate with almost having the same interest, they really love to physical activities, such as sports and cycling. Hana’s personality could describe as an ambitious person, and Felix’s personality would be someone that loves to trying new things.

In this second episode of People Series, I’m still going to ask the same question as what I did with Zach on December last year.

Note: This interview was actually occured on 25th December 2021, in which means it was happened last year, but I just convert the recording data into my writing today, though I hope that you’re still enjoying it. Thanks!

The Interviewer: All right guys, let’s start this thing.

Hana & Felix’s Answer

1) What is the situation that makes you feel uncomfortable?

Hana : Meeting with a stranger

Felix : For me, it’s vice versa. I’m more not comfortable and feeling awkward in a situation where I’m being surrounded by people that I’ve known already.

2) Could you describe the most unforgettable moment when you’re in the senior high school?

Hana and Felix : Studying with friends, having and sharing our meals together, and joking, yeah those things will be very hard to be forgotten.

3) If you could turn back time, what you would like to say to yourself?

Hana and Felix : Don’t be lazy 2x, I just realized why I’m like this back then, also don’t be “Alay” (Anak Layangan), [1]It is a stereotype describing something “tacky” (norak) and/or “cheesy” (kampungan). You can find out more about “Alay” term on my footnote below.

4) How you would define this 2021?

Hana : The year of 2021 for me is a little bit useless, but there was one moment that I need to fight for.

The Interviewer: So, what’s the exact word to describe it?

Hana: Mantap. [2]‘Mantap’ on its own word means awesome, excellent, or any other expressions of praise. ‘Mantap’ is universally applied to any situation, like giving positive feedback at work, praise on high school grades, or admiration towards a person’s character.

Felix: It was mixed feelings, for sure there was a happiness moment, but also there was a sad one, but I think I’ve got more sad moments, (he sobbed).

5) How do you view yourself in 2022?

Hana: I just want to have my study more consistenly going well, participating in many competitions when I’m in college later, because I feel a bit regret now, like why I’m not joining a competition and taking those opportunities for my growth in my senior high school year.

The Interviewer: Yeap 2x, that was exactly as I wanted to say, that pressure is really important to making our mental stronger, and by joining in many competitions as you said, is one of the worth way to do that.

Felix: I just want to explore a lot of things out there, what I meant about it, is that I don’t want to go to one specific place, but just more exploring thing, because I feel that I’m lack of exploring myself, so that’s what I wanna do next year.

6) What is your definition of happiness?

Hana and Felix: Creating a happiness for myself, and seeing the people surround happy also making me happier.

7) What is one thing that people don’t know about you?

Hana: Actually I am confident, and diligent without being forced.

Felix: Wait, isn’t that fact that people have known already?

The Interviewer and Felix: (giggling)

Hana: Oh, I’m sorry hahaha, so what was the question?

The Interviewer:  What is one thing that people don’t know about you?

Hana: Oh okay, hmm… I think that I’m actually a caring person, but I’m kinda have a sense of prestige, you know what I mean? Is that I just don’t want people knowing if I do so.

The Interviewer: Yeah, yeah, I really understand that.

Felix: I’m actually not a confident person though

“What? Is that true?”, Hana shouted.

Felix: Yeah, maybe some of people recognize me as a “not overthinking person”, but if you know me well, I’m easily get panicked, like “What I need to do?”. I’m also get easily scared, I’m a coward if you know, and I became more confident and brave was because of the important role of Mr.Dian, he is my physical education teacher. In my point of view, he is a kind of teacher that always encourage students to do more without forcing them, he really understand that every child has different capabilities, so he never trying to generalize on every child to reach one specific target that he made, instead he keeps encourage them to keep running until they feel enough, then at that time I was telling to myself like, “Come on Felix, come on, you can handle this.” Finally, I’ve become more confident to say that I can handle every challenge that is present in my face.

8) Who is the most influential person to you, and explain why he or she?

Hana: The most influential? My Mother of course, because she always accompanying me, she is someone that also consistenly supporting me and truly a caring mother.

The Interviewer: Can you describe it into one moment?

Hana: Before I had a test, I got sick for some time, and she accompanied me to the hospital, whereas the place is quite far.

The Interviewer: I think she really wants her daughter to be happy. Well, what about you, Felix?

Felix: I don’t really know (He looks confused), okay I’ll skip this question.

9) What is something that always makes you feel stronger everyday?

Hana: For me, myself. Only myself that only could encourage this soul.

The Interviewer: Sure, because when we’re alone, we can’t always lean on to someone else.

Felix: I’m also skip for this one, I don’t know, I’m swear.

Felix: I’m not even believing in myself, maybe it sounds weird that I’m not believing in myself, but yeah that’s what I am.

The Interviewer: Oh God! So who is gonna support you?

Felix: I don’t know, I think my life is very flat.

Last Question

10) In 5 years, what do you want to be known as? And what do you want to say to yourself?

Hana: Thank you Hana for keep strong, won’t give up easily, and this is the result.

Felix: I just wanna thanks to myself, thanks for being strong to get through all of this.

(Okay they’re not answering the question of what do you want to be known as 🙂 okay, okay, but if I’m not mistaken that Hana said softly that she wanted to be a good woman, in which not dependent on people’s life).

The Interviewer: It’s hard you know, to feel proud to our selves, sometimes we look to the others, they’re always seem cool, intelligent, talented, whereas we also indeed wow and great, also talented, we’re just not yet…

Hana: Yes, we haven’t known yet our strength and ability.

The Interviewer: Well, thank you so much everyone (Clapping Hands) for answering all my questions here that might sounds weird, hahaha…

Hana: (Sobbing) the question is really makes me sad, so touching!

The Qna session between the interviewer, Fahreza, and his friend as the informant, Hana and Felix, is done.

  [1] Kasali, Rhenald. 2011. Cracking Zone. Jakarta: Gramedia. Hal. 71.

[2] Honoris, Harjono. 2020. Makassar, Indonesia: Quora.

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