I received a free gift? – Weekly Advice

I received a free gift? –  Weekly Advice
  • The shop is closed at the present time (Inexact)

The shop is closed (Exact)

Insight: “Is” is in the present time, meaning it’s happening now, so at the present time is unnecessary.


  • They’re wearing the exact same outfit (Inexact)

They’re wearing the same outfit (Exact)

Insight: Exact means precise, and same means indentical to another, so we can remove the exact word.


  • This task is absolutely essential (Inexact)

This task is essential (Exact)

Insight: Essential means absolutely necessary, so the word absolutely is unnecessary


  • I have one friend that is very unique (Inexact)

I have one friend that is unique (Exact)

Insight: The word unique is an absolute meaning one of a kind, so it should not be modified by an adverb such as very.


  • I received a free gift (Inexact)

I received a gift (Exact)

Insight: A gift is something given free of charge, so the word free is unnecessary.


  • The car is red in colour (Inexact)

The car is red (Exact)

Insight: Red is a colour, so adding in colour is unnecessary


The birthday gift you gave me was okay

Insight: To be more complimentary, you can change the word “okay” to some of these words below

  1. Wonderful
  2. Beautiful
  3. Gorgeous
  4. Delightful
  5. Priceless


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