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House and Home – What’s The Difference?

House and Home – What’s The Difference?


Hi there! Welcome to my first weekly program, ‘What’s The Difference?’

This weekly program will cover lots of differences in many parts of area, I’ll try to give a real meaning of an word, as well as a hidden meaning from each of it that I likely to convert it into a poetry, short story, letter, or a play.

So, for today’s first episode, we are going to talk about the difference between House and Home.

Home is more poetic and has a very deep meaning, so it has an abstract meaning, because everyone has different perspective to define what home is.

For example when somebody says “Let’s go home!”, she or he doesn’t talk about the physical structure of house is, but what they meant about it, is that they want to get back to a place where they feel comfortable, a place that really make up who they are, a place where all precious moments were made which make them won’t forget it, a place where they can totally feel free, and a place where they made it with love.

So when somebody says “This is my house”, no one will reply seriously (as long as it’s indeed true if the house truly belongs to you) because house is concrete concept, it can be seen physically, everyone knows that the building is a house. But it’s different with “This is my home”, you would probably get shocked as you found that place is not structurally build like what house you’ve commonly imagined, then if somebody tells “I feel like I’m home” it can be a forest, it can be a cave, it can be a river, it can be a mountain or hill, and it can also be a big one like city or country, it can be really anything.

As a famous quote says

“Money can buy a house, but not a home; a bed, but not rest; food, but not an appetite; medicine, but not health; information, but not wisdom; thrills, but not joy; associates, but not friends; servants, but not loyalty; flattery, but not respect.”

― Pat Williams, What Are You Living For?: Investing Your Life in What Matters Most

Source: goodreads

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