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Highlights & Lessons of the Week – 3rd Week

Highlights & Lessons of the Week – 3rd Week

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~ College Notes to Myself ~ Day 11# – 12th September 2022, Monday.

Today’s Highlights

It was really good day, my best day so far, as I got the chance to meet some of my old friends from the orientation college period. I meet Bisma on morning, he comes from Chinese Studies, then I meet my twitter’s acquaintance, Friza from Dutch Studies, then on the afternoon, I meet Duval from Chemistry, and Hanna from Chinese Studies as well.

Another Highlights of today is that I get the chance to get to know my seniors on my major study, then we took a picture together in purpose to fulfill my assignment from seniors.

Today’s Lesson

I saw that there are few of my acquaintances who seems don’t want to expand our relationship as a friend further, but I’ve learnt that I don’t need asking or even forcing them to accept me, if they don’t want to, it’s their choice. I just want to keep my relationship with those of people who wants to accept me purely.

Almost all Tuesday to Friday classes were held in online meeting, so there was only one highlight for this third week, though I still went to the campus and get online in class or elsewhere, but there wasn’t any interesting story to share about.

Some words to close this third week?

It’s been an exhausting week, I think both my physicality and mentality were quite formed. I made few mistakes here and there, and after a good opening on Monday, I can’t say my life after that was pleasant enough. This week made me really small, but anyway thank you my third week!

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