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Highlights & Lessons of the Week – 5th Week

Highlights & Lessons of the Week – 5th Week

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~ College Notes to Myself ~ Day 22# – 27th September 2022, Tuesday.

Today’s Highlights

For the first time since we have our first lecture on 29th August, we finally got taught on how to read a journal article in 30 minutes on this day, also we watched the video of Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation President, who walk out from his office in Kremlin Palace to a car. Both of the methods of learning were quite extraordinary, first it really showed that I’m still lack of understanding the academic text, also I need to improve my reading speed, sometimes my time is wasted only because I read it repeatedly.

But to be honest, it was still simple, because it was still in Indonesian, I’m not sure that I can even grasp a small conclusion if it was written in English, which I’m surely need more time to understand the point. The video of Mr.Putin was without any kind of speech there, only a music background, but my friends were so critic and very detailed, I didn’t know anything to comment about the video, but my friends told the instructor that Mr.Putin walked confidently, he has a charismatic aura, and also he’s an observer. Wow! I was really impressed on how they were able to analyze the video very well!

Today’s Lesson

When we read something – in this context we read the journal article – then we need to know:

  1. The Title
    The title tells us above a half of what this article about.
  2. The Author
    The Author is another important element, knowing who write the article is just the same thing as we appreciate of their existence and effort to make it happen.
  3. The Abstract
    The Abstract give the information on how they collect the data, what is their background in bringing this article, and what is the result at the ending of this article can provide.
  4. The Keyword
    It helps you to know the five main points at least, so you know what are some key points that this discussion bring about.
  5. The Conclusion
    The Conclusion may give you a glimpse about the article as a whole, but it’s always been suggested to not only rely on the conclusion, because to understand it comprehensively, there is no other way than read the discussion part.

~ College Notes to Myself ~ Day 24# – 29th September 2022, Thursday.

Today’s Highlights

The day of the leader election on our program study for 2022 batch.

Today’s Lesson

But I’m serious, I choose him objectively, not only because we’ve gotten to know each other, but it’s more on how I can see a potential leader in his aura, I mean I must to admit that he’s smart academically, he has a good public speaking, and also he can be humble to everyone, including friends from other classes.

~ College Notes to Myself ~ Day 25# – 30th September 2022, Friday.

Today’s Highlights

The Anniversary of IKASSLAV UI (Student Association of Slavic Studies of University of Indonesia) in their 41th journey.

Celebrating the party at the auditorium of LBI UI (International Language Center of University of Indonesia)

The funny moment I can remember is that, I didn’t realize that my instructor, Mr.Banggas was beside me when we were on the same elevator hahaha, but yeah luckily I recognized him quickly and kissed his hand – where it was also my first time since 2021 last year, I haven’t kissed any my teacher’s hand again. The party went very exciting, we got some alumni that shared their learning experience on this program study and we ate some provided foods there, I ate chocholate and cheese brownies there hahaha, I was that uninterested in eating cone-shaped rice.

Some words to close this week?

Almost all classes were online, but my study motivation is still keep on fire! I even felt my week is getting better and better, because I knew what has made my body and soul can keep motivated. MUSIC

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