我 在 学 中 文。- I’m Learning Chinese

我 在 学 中 文。- I’m Learning Chinese


Here’s what I learned throughout eight weeks in external class, Elementary Chinese.

你好马 > How are you

你喝茶还是咖啡 > Do you drink tea or coffee?

请坐 > Please sit down

你叫什么名字? 我叫雷扎 > What’s your name? My name is Reza

我也很高兴你能来 > I’m glad you can come too

认识你很高兴 > Nice to meet you

对不起,我迟到了 > Sorry I’m late

你怎么回去呢 > How do you go back?

我已经在手机上订好车了 > I have already booked a car on my mobile phone

我今天上班要带雨伞 > I need to bring an umbrella to work today

你好 > Hello

我很好 > I am fine

你爸爸妈妈好吗 > How are your parents?

我的父母很好 > My parents are very good

我是印度尼西亚大学的学生 > I am a student at the University of Indonesia

没什么 > Nothing

你吃了吗? 我吃了 > Have you eaten? I have eaten

你认识莉莉? 是的,我认识他 > Do you know Lily? Yes, I know her

他是谁? 他是我爸爸 > Who is he? He is my father

你在哪儿工作? 我在雅加达工作 > Where do you work? I work in Jakarta

你黑什么迟到? 有一起车祸 > Why are you late? There was a car accident

你认识我妹妹吗?是的,我认识他 > Do you know my sister? Yes I know her

你们的老师叫什么名字?我老师的名字是 Albert Roring > What’s your teacher’s name? My teacher’s name is Albert Roring

你爸爸是老师吗?不,我爸爸是新闻工作者 > Is your father a teacher? No, my dad is a journalist

你喝什么?我喝茶 > What do you drink? I drink tea

我爸爸在一家中国公司工作 > My dad works for a Chinese company

再次感谢你邀请我 > Thank you again for inviting me

明天有 下 雨? > Will it rain tomorrow?

下午天天气怎么样? > How will the weather be in the afternoon?

周末天气怎么样? > How is the weather over the weekend?

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