People is about place for knowing to every piece of perspectives and personal stories of people that I have interviewed, through small conversation and simple Qna session. I directly interviewing them, could be through real conversation, or telephone.

As privacy is one of the most important part of our lives, then I will not give the real name of theirs, but still give a glimpse of who they are, to convince that the people who I interview is indeed real. So later, if the fiction name that I provide here is not a general name such as Xynerva, and Willoughby, and that’s similar to your name or the people that you know, I’m sorry, and hope you do understand that I’m using this, just to protect the privacy of people that I interview. Thanks for your understanding!

Through a conversation that covers the past, the present, and the future. I can really feel, that I’m truly a living human.


Stories and opinions of people is just too expensive to missing out.


Remember The Past, Appreciate The Present, Prepare The Future.


ZachA Year That Is Full of StrugglesDecember 26, 2021