All of Us Are Dead – Will There Be All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

All of Us Are Dead – Will There Be All of Us Are Dead Season 2?


Yesterday I just rewatched this current trending movie, All of Us Are Dead, then I decide to make a review about it.

I’m actually not very into Korean Drama, but as my knowledge and filmmaking world understanding have quite grown so much, then I decide to make my first movie review on this currently Korean trending movie, and because I’m a zombie movie lover, so I think it feels weird to me if I’m not analyze and give a perspective to it.

Have you already watched all the episodes? And how long does it take to finish ‘em all?

Yes I have, and it took 2 straight days to finish it. First day I finished my watch from 1-6 episodes, then next day for 7-12, and last week I once again watched it, just to make sure that I understand every single scene and word of this movie.

How did you get the information of this movie?

I myself found it on my youtube home, or if I’m not mistaken, while I was searching for zombie movies and thriller movie, then it appeared on the top of list.

Did you watch it for yourself or with the others?

I watched it with my elder sister, she asked me to watch it together because she knew that I’m very keen on zombie movies.

What do you love the most about this movie?

I love how they bring the popular and very relevant topic that I believe we all can relate to the theme of Bullying, Injustice, also Friendship.

Which part of the movie that you think it’s different from the other zombie movies?

Every time they got trapped, they can creatively maximize their potential to escape by a various of simple stuff surrounding. It was really good, because this movie is about a zombie apocalypse in school, so it feels weird if the movie provide some weapons and weird or dangerous stuff in school, and surely it can teach the teenager like me to keep calm and be creatively or critically to look out to some simple stuff but very useful that we can use or do to help us In a certain situation that forces us to find the best decision to get the way out.

Sport Equipment Room

So, that’s the most special feature from this movie, that makes this movie is different from the other zombie movies.

That scene inside of the sport equipment is truly expensive, there are too many important and valuable things to learn. For example in decision making, we should listen to the other opinions, and fully being a responsible person on any ideas that we gave to the team. Every idea perspective, opinion, thought strategy must be have their own weaknesess and imperfection, but every decision take a risk, whetherit is small or big, now or later, a “risk” cannot be avoided, and we will never can make sure whether it works or not until we truly apply and try it.

Do you have any favorite scene?

Of course I do. My favorite scene would be the Campfire Song on the school’s rooftop scene. I just love about the fact that this song was written by Dae-Su, the actor of this movie itself, which I think it was crazy good, and his voice also very charming. The scenery of good friendship is seen clearly, and shown how their feelings at that time. I play this scene for many times, hahaha serious I really love it!

School’s Rooftop

Which 3 characters that you love the most?


She’s really smart in psychologically, she has the ability to control her emotion and wants. When she needs to eat something, she was there having a conflict with herself, she doesn’t want to make her friends change to someone like her. She keeps calm in under pressure, she is someone that always use her logical thinking, which sometimes unnecessary, as On-Jo says, “Hope is more important now than logic.” Yess, I totally agree with her, not every situation have to be done by a logical thinking, in that crisis moment we sometimes need to break the common rules, and find a way that it is work for that certain moment. Nam-Ra also deserve to be a president of class, she’s very wise and very objective, she advice her friends to collect the information as much as possible before taking an action or making a plan, so they can get few choices to try out.


Indeed he’s not the main character here, and one of the underrated character, but his acting skill was exceptional. He’s the one who is sincerely helped his friends in many important ways, like drone and and the idea of ​​escaping which although in the end kills himself, but it works to help his friends to leave from that gymnasium place, he’s the character that is truly care to his friend, maybe he’s not very physically strong to get fight with zombies, but he’s very smart at making things, technical and technological stuff. I love how the fact that as the number two rank student at his batch (Nam-Ra no 1) he is not only smart at class, but also smart at making strategy that applicable. He is very responsible on his own idea and strategy, and will take any risk for saving his friends, it can be seen from the scene where he got bitten for saving Mi-Jin’s life, he didn’t want to make his friends in danger, so he was pulling out himself out of the circle’s defense fortress.


What I like the most about Mi-Jin is that, though most of the time she’s cursing, and looks like a character that is annoying to the other characters, but she has a pure heart, she cannot let and won’t be strong to see her friends in danger, so from outside she seems not very care and annoying, but from inside she’s the softest and truly care. I just can’t understand why she’s still thinking about College Entrance Exam in the middle of that tough times hahaha.

Is there any a sad moment or funny scene?

Sure! The Saddest Moment first

I totally can’t hold my tears when it comes to scene of his death, the line of “Let’s go home” really hits me hurt, “Home” a legend word that I’ve not seen for many long years. I dare to say that this is the saddest scene of all episodes. It can be proven by how hard it is for Dae-Su, Cheong-San, Wu-Jin, and Mi-Jin to let him go, it shows how precious he is in bringing the team survive this far.

Another sad scene : When they were rescuing Hyosan High School’s students, they were given the instruction to leave without rescuing them, because after seeing Eun-Ji as the student of Hyosan High School who got infected but not showing the symptom, one of the soldier says “I’m sorry” with feeling regret.

The Funniest Scene

When they’re looking phone around to calling out someone, they found the only one phone but unfortunately locked. The owner of that phone is Yeong-Ju, but unfortunately once again she has turned into a zombie. Cheong-San who saw her presence outside of the class, grabbed that phone quickly and approaching her, pointed that feature of face or eye recognition security to her to be scanned, and of course it doesn’t work hahaha, God! It just so funny as remembering the owner of that phone has turned up into a crazy human that looking for someone to eat, (But On-Jo is right an emergency call doesn’t need to unlock the phone) hahaha, On-Jo is very knowledgeable and her survival skill are absolutely unquestionable. She’s great indeed!

Do you think there will be the second season?

Yes of course, it is very possible. But if I have to be honest, if there is the second season in just order to fulfilled the audiences’ expectation and fans hopes, it will probably ruin the main focus from this movie, because in korean real meaning is 지금 우리 학교는 (Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun) = Now at Our School, so it might sounds a little bit weird if they’re only against hambies like Nam-Ra.

Not every movie must answer those curiosity and questions. Sometimes the ending of a story doesn’t always have to be clear, just leave that confusion, let the audiences having their own imagination and expectation about how the film ends its story, and that confusion will make them stick to the movie itself. But if it’s true, there’s the second season, I hope they could fulfill the audiences’ question and hopes elegantly. I believe they can show their positive improvement for what they have learned from this first season.

This is the scene when some NIS agents took a boy and wife of the scientist who made the virus (Lee Byeong-Chan)

How are they doing

They look very starving

Secure and Move them

Don’t get lost or damaged

Then some blue box were replace to car’s trunk

I think from this scene it really gives us a sign that the virus will probably release to the other cities and they might sell the antivirus as well.

Do you have any advice for the scene?

I have one. This below

A little bit advice when Cheong-San asked Gyeong-So to take the pool that was used by On-Jo to open the locked door.

Cheong-San : Gyeong-So

Gyeong-So : Yes, what?

A brief silence…. (Cheong-San’s face shoot)

What’s wrong?

Cut to

That brief silence shouldn’t be existed there, because it would look more perfect if that brief silence replace for the scene where the people got bitten. It just should have ended with “Yes?” as Cheong-San called him, and then cut to.

Best Lines & Lessons

“Even if we win the war, we lose if we lose school.” – Assembly Woman (Park Eun-Hee)

 “It doesn’t matter who lives or dies because of whom, what is the meaning of life and death? I don’t know anymore. Are we alive if we get out of here? Our friends died, our mother and father died. What’s the point of living?” – Wu-Jin

“The fact that we’re still alive it’s the sign that we’re lucky.” – Mrs.Park – English Teacher (Park Sun-Hwa)

“Does waiting is the only good thing we can do?” – Cheong-San

“We live in a system of violence and someone like me won’t be strong enough to change the system. Who made the world like this? I have warned you that neglecting small violence will make the world dominated by violence.” – The Scientist & Science Teacher (Lee Byeong-Chan)


The Main Character is Unclear

I know it is Cheong San and he did a great job, also On-Jo, Nam-Ra and Su-hyeok but the fact that Cheong San is dead, and in terms of romantic chemistry Nam-Ra and Su-hyeok is stronger here. It just made the question about who actually the main character is become unclear and a bit confusing. I think one of the reason is due to too many characters inside of this movie which finally it makes us, at least for me a little bit difficult in process of absorbing the story and knowing closer to every single character here.

Too Many Same Condition

There are too many condition and situations that feels annoying, because it just appears in many scenes. I feel a little bit déjà vu when the door won’t open for 4 times, In class, rooftop, gymansium, and when On-Jo’s father helped the assembly woman on the rooftop building for getting rescued by the helicopter.

Too Many People Want to Sacrifice

The English Teacher, Joon-Yeong, On-Jo’s father, Wu-Jin when trying to help his sister Ha-Ri, Su-Hyeok and On-Jo when asked Nam-Ra for bite them. I know they want to make a scene where the survivors remember them as a patriot, but it’s a little bit too annoying and exaggerated.

Unimportant Character

The presence and scene that is not important to be presented, because it won’t change anything significantly. A young soldier who telephone his mother and the pregnant girl (Park Hee-Su) who finally succeed give birth and leaves her child on the bench of Cheong-San’s chicken restaurant before she turns into a zombie.

Not Very in-depth in Discussing The Zombie & The Cure

They do not go deeper in searching the information about the zombie itself, if they have already known if Gwi-Nam is hard to kill if only get pushed from the top of building, why they keep push him away without find a way to truly kill him. They’re a group of people getting fight with an individual, their chance is must be bigger. Their curiosity about finding a cure here is also very limited, they’re not even discussing about how did the virus spread, and what kind of treatment and that can be used to prevent the spread of virus when get infected.

Recognition – Best Acting Skills


All my writing perspectives and opinions are written as objectively as they should be. Thank You!

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