A glimpse story of how Fahreza became what he is today

Before I start my first post on this website, I would like to say, “Happy 76th Independence Day to my lovely Country Indonesia on this 17th August 2021.” Hopefully that we as the next Generation can improve the quality of any sector that is important to get concern.

It all starts with his Grandfather. His Grandfather lived in the colonial period Dutch. To maintain his existence, then his Grandfather must be able to speak Dutch fluently, then in that time his Grandfather started to learn that language, so he can communicate with them, or even giving a piece of information to the people surrounding him about what is happening.

His father is a former journalist who had been enrolled in this career for such a long time, therefore Fahreza’s public speaking skills were born, such as presentations in front of the class, as well as the ability to influence others.

Well, speaking off about the Literature world, Fahreza must to thanks his brother who has studied Russian and Slavic Studies at the University of Indonesia. Because of him, Fahreza also got its effect of the International Exposure. His brother, Chandra, had an experience and being exposed to International Environment since he was still in College. Moreover, when his brother have done exchange student program to some Countries in Asia, such as Thailand and China, it made Fahreza also wants to have the same opportunity as what his brother got.

In short, where is the first time, Fahreza found his interest in Foreign Language? The answer is when his brother brought some of his International Friends to gathering at home. At that time, two guys from Kazakhstan and Vietnam stayed for more than 3 months, luckily both of them are fluent in English, but unfortunately, only his brother Chandra who could speak English fluently, so when he is not being around, it was hard for Fahreza and the other member to communicate with them. Since then, and as time goes by, Fahreza realized that learning a language is very important, and finally he became so enthusiastically to learn Foreign Languages, especially English. At that time, suddenly Fahreza got his identity or a label as a someone who has a good competency in the Language field. In fact, besides language, Fahreza also has another interest since child where now it becomes as his second identity, and that’s Badminton.

His mother has influenced him in terms of formal academics, he gets taught by his mother on any subjects that he is confused about, though his mother is only a high school graduate, similar thing as his father does. Talking about his sister who is the last member of Fahreza’s family, she is currently working on a Language Service, she teaches the Korean Language, as well as doing some journalism stuff, where it was her area when she was studying it at University level.

For Fahreza himself, he has just enrolled in the Language Course, for French and Russian. He also has other things to do, such as learning about Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Psychology, Linguistics, Tourism, Parenting, Human Rights, Social Welfare and Screenwriting. He hopes that during his Gap Year, he can achieve many things that may have never been explored before, also hopes that through this website, he can inspire many people to dare to share our perspectives anytime and anywhere it is.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

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