Sayang Semuanya (Love Everyone) Song In Russian

Sayang Semuanya (Love Everyone) Song In Russian

2021 was a very tough year for me, especially on 30th june, where my grandmother was passed away and I got rejected from school that I’ve applied to, but at the same time I also feel it’s really encouraging, in terms of learning and exploring a lot more about myself, about the others, also explore some activities that I haven’t tried before, such as taking a course in French and Russian, making a bunch of writing works on this website that I made 6 months ago if I’m not mistaken, and also learn how to interview my friend by learning how to be a good listener, the body language, the voice tone, and any other ways to make sure they’re comfortable to expressing theirself. So, I want to thanks to 2021, who have taught me to be a tougher person to face a new life challange that is going to be present in coming days.

To start my first posting on this first day and page of 365 another exciting and challenging days and pages, I would like to say, Happy New Year 2022! All of you are deserve to achieve those goals this year, another goals is surely will be achieved this year. Keep working on it! If you ask me what is your plan for this year, I might not have the exact answer to response that question, I just wanna live my life day by day, and by using mindfulness concept that I’ve learned, I hope I always can be present with every piece of moments that I’m living.

Now, I’m going to present you to my first ever translation work on one of the famous children song in Indonesia, Sayang Semuanya. This song is made by the finest mind of Mr.Kasur. I translate this song in Russian besides to improve my fluency in this difficult and beautiful language, also to introduce an Indonesian song globally, then everyone from Russia or anyone who loves to know more about Indonesia, can get benefit from it.

Before doing that, I would like to present myself in Russian, at least this is what I’ve learned for 2 months I think hahaha. Here we go!

A Short Introduction In Russian

Здрáвствуйте! Добрый вечер Все Друзья! Познако́мьтесь, Меня́ зову́т Реза. Мне 18 лет. Я из Индонезии. Сейча́с я живу́ и учу́сь в джакарте. Я люблю слушать музыку и читать книги. Я хорошó говори́т по-индонéзийски, и я зна́ю Англи́йский язы́к, Япо́нский язы́к, и Францу́зский язы́к.

Hello! Good evening, All Friends! Let me Introduce, My name is Reza, I am 18 years old, I am from Indonesia. Now I live and study in Jakarta. I love listening to music and reading books. I speak Indonesian well and I know English, Japanese, and French.

Lyrics Sayang Semuanya (Love Everyone)

By: Pak Kasur

In Indonesian

Satu satu aku sayang ibu

Dua dua juga sayang ayah

Tiga tiga sayang adik kakak

Satu dua tiga sayang semuanya

In Russian

Один один, я люблю мáма

 Два, два, тоже люблю Пáпа

Три, три, люблю брат и сестра

Один-два-три, я всех люблю

In English

One, one i love my mom

Two, two love father too

Three, three love siblings

One two three love everyone


Хорошó, Спасибо всем! До свидáния!

Alright, Thank you everyone! See you!

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